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Welcome among pure and wild priroda.Rodopite are like a sea of ​​dark green hills. Even if only for a moment to admire the beautiful view and breathe the fresh air, you will forever fall in love with lyrical and magnetic Rodopi Mountain - Orfey.Krasotata of the Rhodope Mountains is unique, say madretsi.Vilno ancient settlement "Romance Forest" is an original vacation spot for people seeking health and vitality, closeness to nature and unique prezhivyavaniya.Tuk there is a legend that will hear - the legend of the "Kaval Tepe" ... Opportunity for alpine fishing, hunting, horseback riding, water sports, cycling tours , photo hunting of particles, herbs and unforgettable hiking trails. The settlement is part of the "Natura 2000" / ecological system of protected areas in the European Union.


Village "Romance Forest" is located near the lake "Broad Meadow" on 1530 meters altitude. The fresh mountain air and the large number of sunny days have a stimulating therapeutic and prophylactic effect. This is a different area, in a cozy mountain style, combined with the cool forests and many places for recreation. Located near the town. Dospat and is 40 km. from the historical town of Batak. The visit in the holiday village "Romance Forest" is the ideal solution for the detection of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria.

The village is open year round and is suitable for individual and group visits, business meetings, seminars, corporate, wedding and family celebrations; It is suitable for people seeking care for their health and sportiness.